Recenzija Pipsa u uglednom glazbenom časopisu Mojo


Posljednji album grupe Pips, Chips & Videoclips recenziran je jednom od najuglednijih svjetskih glazbenih magazina, Mojo. U novom broju magazina izaći će recnzija albuma “Drveće i rijeke”, ocjenivši je s tri zvjezdice.

Donosimo vam u cijelosti recenziju albuma “Drveće i rijeke”, koja je za Pipse veliko priznanje i u mnogočemu predstavlja jedinstveni slučaj na domaćoj glazbenoj sceni.



“Drveće i Rijeke” (Menart)

Muziku podržava

Fifth album from a Zagreb band, recorded in Croatia, mixed and mastered by Flaming Lips producer Dave Fridmann in New York state.

Their first single was a reworking of football anthem You’ll Never Walk Alone and their debut album, Shimpoo Pimpoo, was named after the slang for ‘suck my dick’.

But this album is something else entirely. Delicate pianos, muted woodwinds, haunting arrangements and some gorgeous melodies give a late-night, jazz-tinged air akin to French multi-intrumentalist Pascal Comelade. The vocal sound suitably world-weary, although sice they’re sung almost entirely in Croatian, and my knowlage of the language doesn’t go much futher than how to ask for a large beer (‘veliko pivo’, if you are interested), they could be reciting the proverbial phonebook, but it really doesn’t metter – the one song in English is easily the least interesting thing here. This album has a powerful charm all its own, regardless of any language barrier.

(Max Decharne)

Muziku podržava