Deluxe reizdanja Deacon Blue


Nakon što se u trgovinama 24. rujna pojavi njihov novi studijski album, predstavljeni “The Hipsters”, kuća Edsel Records/Demon Music Group tijekom listopada u deluxe edicijama reizdat će svih pet studijskih albuma koje je slavna škotska pop-rock grupa Deacon Blue objavila dosad.

Albumi će većinom biti izdani u luksuznim 2CD+DVD i 3CD+DVD setovima na kojima je svoj puni doprinos dao lider im Ricky Ross tako što je za sve knjižice napisao eseje te dostavio sve tekstove pjesama i fotografije iz osobne kolekcije.

Kao dodatak, tu će biti nova kompilacija, naziva “The Rest” na kojoj će se naći materijali koji nisu direktno bili povezani s pojedinim albumom kao što su nove pjesme s kompilacija “Our Town – The Greatest Hits” iz 1994., “Walking Back Home” iz 1999. i “Singles” iz 2006., te one s EP-a “Four Bacharach & David Songs” iz 1990. godine.

Muziku podržava

Albumi “Raintown” (1987.), “When The World Knows Your Name” (1989.), “Fellow Hoodlums” (1991.) i “Whatever You Say, Say Nothing” (1993.) tako u prodaju ponovo stižu 8., album “Homesick” (2001.) 15., a spomenuta kompilacija “The Rest” 29. listopada.

Sve albume osim “Homesick” koji je prvotno izašao pod okriljem etikete Papillon Records, originalno je objavila Sonyeva etiketa Columbia Records.

CD 1:
(The Album)
Born In A Storm
He Looks Like Spencer Tracy Now
When Will You (Make My Telephone Ring)?
Chocolate Girl
The Very Thing
Love’s Great Fears
Town To Be Blamed
Which Side Are You On?
Kings Of The Western World
Angeliou [live]
Just Like Boys
Raintown [piano version]
Shifting Sand
Ribbons And Bows

CD 2:
Dignity [Bob Clearmountain version]
(Raintown: The B-Sides)
Long Distance From Just Across The Road
When Will You (Make My Telephone Ring)? [extended 12 version]
Town To Be Blamed [live]
Ronnie Spector
Dignity [extended 12 version]
That Brilliant Feeling # 1
Punch And Judy Man
Chocolate Girl [extended 12 version]
Dignity [live at Glasgow Barrowlands 1988]
Love’s Great Fears [live at Glasgow Barrowlands 1988]
The Very Thing [Livesey remix]
Love’s Great Fears [Brauer remix]

CD 3:
(Raintown: Legacy Edition Bonus Disc)
Born In A Storm [live at Glasgow Art School 1987]
Raintown [live at The Marquee 1986]
Ragman [demo version]
He Looks Like Spencer Tracy Now [live at The Marquee 1986]
Loaded [demo version]
When Will You (Make My Telephone Ring)? [AIR Studio vocal mix]
Chocolate Girl [live at The Marquee 1986]
Dignity [live at The Marquee 1986]
The Very Thing [BBC Session for Radio 1’s Mark Goodier Show]
Love’s Great Fears [live at The Marquee 1986]
Town To Be Blamed [live at Glasgow Art School 1987]
(Bonus Tracks: First released on “Ooh Las Vegas”)
Don’t Let The Teardrops Start

(Promo Videos)
Dignity [version 1]
Dignity [version 2]
When Will You (Make My Telephone Ring)?
Dignity [US version]
Chocolate Girl

When The World Knows Your Name:
CD 1:
(The Album)
Queen Of The New Year
Wages Day
Real Gone Kid
Love And Regret
Circus Lights
This Changing Light
Sad Loved Girl
Fergus Sings The Blues
The World Is Lit By Lightning
One Hundred Things
Your Constant Heart
(Bonus Tracks)
Real Gone Kid [extended 12 version]
Little Lincoln
Born Again
It’s Not Funny Anymore
Wages Day [extended 12 version]
Take Me To The Place
Take The Saints Away

CD 2:
Fergus Sings The Blues [extended 12 version]
Long Window To Love
London A-Z
Back Here In Beanoland
Love And Regret [extended 12 version]
Down In The Flood
Undeveloped Heart
Love And Regret/It’s All In The Game [live]
Spanish Moon/Down In The Flood [live]
Dark End Of The Street [live]
When Will You (Make My Telephone Ring)? [live]
Down In The Flood [minimal mix]

CD 3:
Queen Of The New Year [extended 12 version]
My America
Las Vegas
Sad Loved Girl [long version]
Circus Light [acoustic version]
Queen Of The New Year [live]
Chocolate Girl [live]
Undeveloped Heart [live]
Town To Be Blamed [live]
(First released on “Ooh Las Vegas”)
Love You Say
Let Your Hearts Be Troubled
Is It Cold Beneath The Hill?
Killing The Blues
Gentle Teardrops
That Country

(Promo Videos)
Real Gone Kid [version 1]
Real Gone Kid [version 2]
Wages Day
Fergus Sings The Blues
Love And Regret
Queen Of The New Year

Fellow Hoodlums:
CD 1:
(The Album)
James Joyce Soles
Fellow Hoodlums
Your Swaying Arms
Cover From The Sky
Day That Jackie Jumped The Jail
The Wildness
A Brighter Star Than You Will Shine
Twist And Shout
Closing Time
Goodnight Jamsie
I Will See You Tomorrow
One Day I’ll Go Walking
(Bonus Tracks Studio B-Sides)
Fourteen Years
Golden Bells
I Was Like That
Friends Of Billy Bear
Into The Good Night

CD 2:
(Bonus Tracks Live, Sessions & Remixes)
What Do You Want The Girl To Do [live]
Real Gone Kid [session]
Loaded [session]
One Hundred Things [live]
Wild Mountain Thyme [live]
Silhouette [live]
I’ll Never Fall in Love Again [live]
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) [live]
I’m Down [live]
Closing Time [7 version]
Twist And Shout [extended version]
Closing Time [extended version]
Your Swaying Arms [12 version]
Your Swaying Arms [Drumapella mix]
Your Swaying Arms [dub mix]

(Promo Videos)
Your Swaying Arms
A Brighter Star Than You Will Shine
Twist And Shout
Closing Time
Cover From The Sky

Whatever You Say, Say Nothing:
CD 1:
(The Album)
Your Town
Only Tender Love
Peace & Jobs & Freedom
Hang Your Head
Bethlehem’s Gate
Last Night I Dreamed Of Henry Thomas
Will We Be Lovers
Fall So Freely Down
Cut Lip
All Over The World
(Bonus Tracks B-Sides)
Almost Beautiful
I’ve Been Making Such A Fool
Paint It Red
Pimp Talking
Cracks You Up
Freedom Train [live]
Here On The Wind
Indigo Sky

CD 2:
(Bonus Tracks Remixes)
Your Town [Euro 7 mix]
Your Town [Perfecto mix]
Your Town [Barrio mix]
Your Town [relaxation dub]
Your Town [Barrio mix instrumental]
Will We Be Lovers [Norty 12 ]
Will We Be Lovers [DB mix]
Will We Be Lovers [People’s mix]
Will We Be Lovers [Sally’s dub]
Will We Be Lovers [Spag Tek]
Only Tender Love [7 version]
Hang Your Head [single version]

(Promo Videos)
Your Town
Will We Be Lovers
Only Tender Love
Hang Your Head

Out There
This Train Will Take You Anywhere
Everytime You Sleep
Now That You’re Here
A Is For Astronaut
Beautifully Still
Even Higher Ground
I Am Born
Everytime You Sleep [radio edit]
Hey Craig
When You Were A Boy, You Were A Beautiful Boy
Twist And Shout [live]
Cover From The Sky [live]
Peace And Jobs And Freedom [live]
Town To Be Blamed [live]

The Rest:
CD 1:
(“Four Bacharach & David Songs” EP)
I’ll Never Fall In Love Again
Look Of Love
Are You There (With Another Girl)
Message To Michael
(First released on “Our Town – The Greatest Hits”)
I Was Right And You Were Wrong
Bound To Love
Still In The Mood
(“Our Town – The Greatest Hits” Singles B-Sides)
Fergus Sings The Blues [live]
Loaded [live]
Chocolate Girl [live]
Beautiful Stranger
Waves Of Sorrow [piano and vocal version]
Bethlehem’s Gate [piano and vocal version]
I Was Right And You Were Wrong [extended version]
Mexico Rain
Goin Back [live]
Wages Day [piano version]

CD 2:
(First released on “Walking Back Home”)
Love Hurts
Jesus Do Your Hands Still Feel The Rain
Christmas And Glasgow
When You Are Young
Plastic Shoes
All I Want
Walking Back Home
(First released on “Singles”)
Bigger Than Dynamite
The One About Loneliness
(“Singles” B-Sides)
Deportee [live]
Wild Horses [live]

(Promo Videos)
I’ll Never Fall In Love Again
I Was Right And You Were Wrong
Love Hurts
Bigger Than Dynamite

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